MMDG Master Class Series

The Palpable Space in Between

During this 2-hour intensive, Bartosik will lead participants through as series of exercises culled from the multi-layered process of the creation of I hunger for you (BAM Next Wave 2018). Particular emphasis will be placed on Bartosik’s extensive research into energetic vibration in the body, and the palpable charge present in the space between bodies. What exists in the space right before contact is made? How does this space create a visceral conversation with another body and person? How do we use this discovery to begin to build a choreographic conversation, in real time?

Bartosik, whose artistic practice often reaches across discipline, welcomes choreographers, visual artists, composers, and theater artists into this class. Dance training is not necessary, but it’s helpful to have experience with rigorous physical practice, and to be prepared to use the body as the primary medium of connection and communication. The class is not appropriate for younger, pre-professional students.

For choreographers, visual artists, composers, theater artists, and makers of all backgrounds. 

Presented in conjunction with BAM
Part of Next Wave Festival's I hunger for you

October 26
12:00PM - 2:00PM
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