Mark Morris Dance Group in "Mozart Dances." Six dancers dress in white are in pairs across the stage. MMDG Dancers Aaron Loux and Maile Okamura are in the center, facing one another jumping in the air each with one leg extended behind them.

MMDG News: The last show of our 2021-22 Season, plus Festival of NY this summer!

Final stop of the Season: The Broad Stage

See Mozart Dances in Santa Monica, CA.

Mozart Dances
The Broad Stage
Santa Monica, CA | June 9-12, 2022


MMDG joins Festival of NY

We’re among 300+ partners illuminating the creativity, resiliency, and spirit that makes New York one of the strongest and most inspiring cities on earth.

You’re invited to the event of the season, the ultimate comeback: Festival of New York! This summer marks the inaugural Festival of New York, a collaboration and celebration of the best this city has to offer: art, culture, and most importantly, US — the people whose hearts beat for New York.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we’re banding together to bring you live musical events, city-wide dance parties, neighborhood sports, volunteer opportunities, and so much more.  Let’s celebrate our resilience and show the world that New York never left.

Mark your calendars. Get ready. The comeback summer is here!

See MMDG perform as part of Festival of New York this summer at Queens Botanical Garden!

August 18, 2022

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Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Our staff and dancers have pondered the historical significance of AAPI dancers and choreographers who have impacted our lives and provided inspiration for us all. Their names and stories will be shared throughout the month our Facebook and Instagram accounts.


The School at the Mark Morris Dance Center Student Company I and II members, Arts Immersion Fellows, and Dance for PD® participants unite for a memorable performance of excerpts from Mark Morris’s Mozart Dances and Pepperland, as well as original works by Pamela Quinn, x rance, MMDG dancer Billy Smith and select members of The School’s student body. Celebrating 20 years of the Mark Morris Dance Center, this performance will truly showcase that Dance is for Anybody.