BAM Artist Lab

Creative Conversation: Christiane Jatahy

Co-presented by BAM and Mark Morris Dance Group

In conjunction with What if they went to Moscow?

Director Christiane Jatahy leads a participatory, small-group discussion to unpack her adaptation of Chekhov in What if they went to Moscow?. Experienced across stage and screen, Jatahy’s work experiments with the boundaries of form, developing new ways to engage audiences’ imaginations. In this workshop, participants think together about the creation of work that is told simultaneously through film and theater but lives fully in the audience’s experience of both. How can each medium stand alone, while also complementing the other? How does space and viewpoint impact the audience experience? What possibilities exist in storytelling when the viewer is an active participant in interpretation?

Part of BAM’s 2019 Next Wave

About Artist Lab

Led by an artist performing on BAM’s stages, these two- to three-hour small group workshops and creative conversations are uniquely crafted to offer greater insight into an artist’s process and deepen your experience of a related production. This season we feature a range of participatory experiences, including artist workshops, creative conversations, and seminars.

Artist Labs are geared towards practicing artists though do not require advanced level in any one discipline or skill set.

Artist Lab programs are open to artists with and without disabilities. Modifications and additional support are available on site as needed and we invite you to share any ways in which we can best support your experience during the registration process.


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Creative Conversation: Christiane Jatahy

October 25, 2019 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

$25, $20 with artists lab subscription (3 or more artists lab program)

In conjunction with "What if they went to Moscow?" from BAM's 2019 Next Wave. Co-presented by BAM and Mark Morris Dance Group.