COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

The Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG) COVID-19 safety policies are subject to change at any time. MMDG continues to closely monitor applicable health and safety directives and guidance regarding COVID-19. Please check this page for building and mask updates before your visit. Mask requirements in studios vary by activity.  


MMDG asks all visitors to self-screen for symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and infection prior to coming to the Dance Center. MMDG follows the CDC guidance regarding exposure and isolation for those who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Proof of complete vaccination is required for all visitors eligible for vaccination (ages 5+). 

Masks are required in all common/public spaces regardless of vaccination status. Mask requirements in studios vary by activity.  

Studio mask policy, updated May 19, 2022

Adult Programs – mask required

Given New York City is approaching “high” level of COVID-19 alert (which represents high community spread and increasing pressure on the health care system), we are reinstating our mask requirement for all adult classes until further notice.

Youth and Family Programs – masks required through 6/18/22

Masks continue to be required for all Youth and Family Programs through the end of the Spring Semester (June 18, 2022). Masks will be optional for Summer programs, effective July 5, 2022.

Rentals – masks optional

Masks continue to be optional for rehearsal rentals. Mask requirements for special events and performances open to the public are set per event. 

Dance for PD – masks required

To best protect higher-risk members of our community, masks continue to be required for participants and faculty until further notice.



Ventilation & Air Purification

To optimize the performance of our HVAC system, MMDG:

  • Meets or exceeds the strict standard of fresh air intake set by Actor’s Equity
  • Upgraded to MERV-13 filters
  • Installed iWave bipolar ionization units as an additional method of disinfection
  • Set MMDG’s HVAC system to automatically maintain a relative humidity between 40% and 60%
  • Provided portable air purifiers with HEPA filtration for smaller spaces with less ventilation

The Mark Morris Dance Center is an Actor’s Equity approved venue. MMDG’s ventilation and air purification settings satisfy the requirements of the New York HERO Act Airborne Prevention Plan.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures

MMDG adheres to hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection requirements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Department of Health (DOH). 

MMDG is committed to:

  • Blocking out sufficient time to deep clean and sanitize all spaces within the Dance Center
  • Sanitizing the Dance Center using electrostatic equipment with CDC approved disinfectants a minimum of once per day
  • Mopping floors, cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, and sanitizing high touch surfaces regularly and more with increased use
  • Providing convenient access to disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer, containing at least 60% alcohol, throughout the Dance Center
  • Making available, upon request, details on EPA approved cleaning supplies being used

Space Usage

The following operational practices have been adopted to allow for physical distancing:

  • Staggered, timed entry windows set for each activity 
  • Admission of one person at a time
  • Pre-registration encouraged for all on-site activities 
  • Pickups and deliveries done with as little contact as possible


The Mark Morris Dance Group is dedicated to keeping our community safe. By upholding our mask and vaccination requirements, we aim to protect the vulnerable populations in our building. 

MMDG’s COVID-19 Task Force is responsible for managing policy development, informing ongoing communications with external and internal stakeholders, and ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and city regulations/guidelines.