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New Reopening Safety Measures – Mark Morris Dance Center

The following outlines the new measures MMDG plans to implement upon the reopening of the Dance Center to minimize the spread of COVID-19, protect its staff, provide a safe space for its community, and streamline operations.


MMDG plans to:

  • Provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for employees
  • Institute a masks on policy for all Dance Center staff, students and visitors
  • Close or repurpose communal spaces
  • Install physical partitions between Front Desk staff and anyone entering
  • Convert all multi stall restrooms and locker rooms to single use restrooms
  • Discontinue the use of lockers and changing areas
  • Reconfigure desks in the office area to allow for ample distance between employees
  • Implement a “clean desk policy” so desks can be cleaned more easily each night
  • Limit the use of props for classes
  • Convert all water fountains to water bottle filling stations
  • Increase our daily deep cleaning/disinfection of the Dance Center
  • Provide details on what cleaning supplies are being used
  • Increase fresh air circulation through the HVAC system
  • Require health and safety training for all staff


MMDG plans to:

  • Limit entry through the front door to one person at a time
  • Create a system for contactless, electronic check in for all students, staff and visitors
  • Designate timed entry windows for all classes
  • Require that all students be dropped-off at the door if accompanied by an adult
  • Provide the ability for staff to speak with guests over intercom from the Front
  • Desk and School Office
  • Designate single-directional pathways marked throughout the Dance Center
  • Designate timed exits and designated exit locations for all classes
  • Install cameras at designated exits to ensure these doors will be used for exiting only


MMDG plans to:

  • Require students to pay for class online (with exceptions as needed)
  • Require students to arrive dressed for class
  • Designate areas for students within studios that maintains spacing of at least 6 feet apart
  • Limit elevator use to only those who request an accommodation
  • Limit the number of employees on any floor in accordance with NY State reopening guidelines (currently 25% of max capacity)
  • Limit the number of students in classes in accordance with NY State reopening guidelines (currently 25% of max capacity)
  • Install video equipment in select studios to allow for classes to be conducted virtually
  • Limit access to the Dance Center to only essential personnel and students
  • Stagger hours/shifts/workdays
  • Reduce the hours the Dance Center is open to the public
  • Post Safety Guidelines, which define expectations of visitors with regard to minimizing the risk of transmission of COVID-19
  • Provide a method for anonymous reporting of behavior and conduct that does not align with or support our values as a means of accountability to staff and community members