Paula Macali


Paula Macali is an Integrative Massage Therapist drawing inspiration from many years of dance, yoga, meditation, and training in a multitude of bodywork therapies. She is a certified Zero Balancer, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist and yoga instructor. Her intuitive approach supports the natural healing intelligence of the body to help clients release unresolved physical and emotional stress, maintain harmonious balance, empower health, and enhance self confidence. She works with adults and children of all ages and stages of health.

Paula is respected teacher with over 30 years of experience. She was an instructor at the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy (NYC), assisted Fritz Smith the originator of Zero Balancing, and Aminah Raheem the founder of Soul Lightening Acupressure. Paula has taught yoga and Pilates in the US and internationally and was honored to be chosen as a yoga instructor for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings in Arizona in 2005. Specializing in chronic pain, injuries, trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression, Paula uses a somatic/integrative approach to deal with individual needs. She has worked in numerous clinical settings, such as the St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Samuel Center (NYC), Sunstone Cancer Center and the Integrative Medicine Department, Sierra Tucson Recovery Center (Tucson). She has volunteered as a program coordinator and practitioner for the non-profit Integrative Touch for Kids, Tucson, AZ.