Raphael Brunn

Raphael Brunn


Raphael Brunn is a Flamenco Guitarist and Composer who was born in 1973 in to a well-known family of jugglers, dancers and trapeze artists.  An American kid with lots of rhythm, Raphael started playing bass guitar at the age of ten.  At fourteen, Raphael moved to Europe to join his father, a world renowned juggler and acrobat, who had been using live Flamenco music in his performances since seeing Antonio Ruiz and Carmen Amaya dance in the 1950’s.

From a young age, Raphael was exposed to some of Spain’s finest Flamenco artists including El Manzanita, El Recortao, Pepe Marquez and many more.

His public debut playing Flamenco guitar was in the opening festivities of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.  Since then, Raphael has performed with many of the artists who initially inspired his dedication to the Flamenco tradition. Now based in New York City, Raphael performs with various Flamenco artists and is currently working on his second CD.

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