Resources for Supporting the Movement for Black Lives

As a majority white institution we’ve benefited and continue to benefit from the structures created by white supremacy. We commit to creating space for meaningful conversations about undoing racism with our staff and our community members, and embedding our core value of access into everything that we do. We must do the important work of educating ourselves, being accountable, and keeping an open dialogue about the systemic racism in the dance community and beyond.

We have taken first steps to create and maintain an open forum within our organization for undoing racism and have made room for some challenging but important conversations. We will prioritize this work and continue to invest in it. We are building a plan of action — accountable action, beyond these words. There will be workshops, trainings, and experts to guide change at all levels of the organization.

As we look at ways we can support the Black community beyond our organization, we have compiled a short list of resources that includes local and national organizations doing important advocacy and activist work to undo racism. Additionally, we want to do our part to amplify Black voices within our own dance and arts community. If you’re looking for organizations to support, please consider these groups:

Advocacy organizations

The Movement for Black Lives

Race Forward

Color of Change

International Association of Blacks in Dance

The Okra Project


Dance and arts organizations

These are Black-led or Black-founded organizations in our community.


Reading List

Books and articles about Recognizing Systemic Racism in Dance by Alicia Mullikin

Source: SeattleDances


Resources for racial equity training


Social media accounts that support Black artists and dancers


Resources for rest and recuperation


Safe places for protesters

These are places in our community in Brooklyn where those who are protesting can stop for water, phone charging, and bathrooms.

Check out these useful NYC Protests Resources.


Other actions you can take

We want to hear from you

As we commit to educating ourselves and taking action, we equally commit to an open dialogue with our community. If you have ideas on how we can improve or more resources we can add, please let us know.