Shared Space

Size: 38' x 51' (1,938 sq. ft.) - Shared

Mondays-Fridays, 8:30-10:00AM

Dancers and choreographers are invited to shared space in one of our large studios. Work individually alongside other artists for only $5. Use the space for just a portion of the time or the whole 90 minutes for just $5!

This program is ideal for choreographers developing new movement, solo artists rehearsing material or dance teachers preparing class or audition phrases.
You do not have to be preparing for a specific performance in New York State to take advantage of Shared Space.

For the most productive use of the space, no music or groups (2+) are permitted, and admittance will be limited.
No Pre-registration needed. See Front Desk for details and rental, or call for more information, 718-624-8400.