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Personal Training

Personal Training

The Personal Trainers working within the Wellness Center are certified fitness experts who integrate a thorough knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, psychology, and exercise kinesiology to design programs that meet each client’s needs and goals, including weight/fat loss, injury prevention/rehabilitation and pain relief, improved athletic performance, and more.

Trainers emphasize a sustainable approach to fitness and wellness that promotes health (both physical and mental), vitality, and increased energy.

Individual sessions are typically 55 minutes. Training includes:

  • Assessment of current fitness level, including flexibility, strength & basic nutrition
  • Thorough review of short and long-term goals
  • Personalized goal-based fitness program, including cardiovascular & mobility homework.

Please contact trainers directly to discuss fees and schedule.


Ana Costa

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Concept Instructor, TRX® Suspension & Rip Trainer, Pre/Post Natal Certified, Functional Range Conditioning Specialist ®,

Candace Thompson-Zachery

ACE certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Mat instructor, TRX® Suspension Trainer + Rip Trainer + FORCE certified instructor, Level 1 Kettlebell Concepts Instructor, NASM certified Corrective Exercise