Parent Observation Fridays

Friday Classes

Observations: May 24 & 31, 2019

Please note, in order to accommodate other classes and their observation dates, classes may change studio location. Locations will be posted daily throughout the Dance Center during the Parents’ Observation period.
*please no more than 2 guests per student

Class Time
Class Name
Observation Day
3:45-4:30pm Creative Dance 1 (ages 4) Janelle Barry May 24
Ballet Fundamentals A Jillian Greenberg May 24
4:00-4:45pm Hip-Hop Fundamentals A Keomi Tarver May 24
4:30-5:15pm Modern Fundamentals A Janelle Barry May 24
4:45-5:30pm Break Dance Fundamentals Keomi Tarver May 24
4:45-5:30pm Open Level World Dance (Ages 6-8) Rotating Faculty May 31
5:15-6:15pm Ballet Level 1 Janelle Barry May 24
5:30-6:30pm Hip-Hop Level 2 Keomi Tarver May 24
5:30-6:30pm Open Level World Dance (Ages 9-12) Rotating Faculty May 31