Dance for PD®

Dance for PD® ( is the Mark Morris Dance Group’s acclaimed, research-backed global program that invites people with Parkinson’s and their families to transform their lives through dance. From our New York flagship location in Brooklyn, we offer free group classes, teacher training, mentoring and certification, and comprehensive media resources; and support an international network of partners in more than 28 countries. 

Dance for PD® wants people with Parkinson’s around the world to enjoy and benefit from specialized live and virtual dance instruction. Our values of accessibility, inclusion, compassion and artistic quality permeate everything we do. We nurture ongoing collaborations among people with Parkinson’s, care partners, dance organizations and health professionals to provide transformative, life-enhancing opportunities that celebrate creativity, community, movement and music. 

More than 40 peer-reviewed studies establish the effectiveness and extensive benefits of dance for people with Parkinson’s. 

Where can you take class? 

New York City 

We offer classes taught by trained Mark Morris Dance Group teaching artists throughout the five New York City boroughs. All classes, including bilingual classes in English and Spanish or Mandarin, are offered free of charge and are accompanied by live music. Our core program is complemented by Dance for PD® PRO—rigorous, demanding sessions for the newly-diagnosed—as well as Sing for PD® and PD Movement Lab. Click here to see our NYC class schedule. 


At Home 

Our interactive Zoom classes, innovative At Home DVDs, and digital class library allow anyone to experience Dance for PD® at any time, in the comfort of home. Click here to see our Zoom class schedule and At Home resources. 


Around the world 

Dance for PD®-trained instructors offer classes based on our proven methodology while featuring local cultural preferences and styles in more than 300 communities on six continents. Click here to find a class near you. 

How can you get involved? 

Train with us 

Our comprehensive training and certification programs help dance instructors develop skills and methods to create effective, successful programs in their communities. Educational enrichment for physicians, medical students, and allied health professionals interested in incorporating principles of our approach into their practices is available, in addition to customized training for individuals interested in volunteering within our community. Click here to learn more. 


Start a class 

Interested in launching a Dance for PD® program in your community? Contact us to learn more about creating a successful, sustainable program through partnerships with members of the Parkinson’s community, dance teachers, musicians and hosting venues in your area. We’re here to guide you through every step of the process.  


Support our work 

Click here to make a donation or become a member to enjoy access to our innovative resources while underwriting our life-changing initiatives. You may also consider planned gift opportunities to ensure Dance for PD® programming continues as part of your legacy.  


“Dance for PD is a hands-down success. It’s one of the most important programs for Parkinson’s disease in the country.” 

– Mary Ellen Thibodeau, RN 

Executive Director, Rhode Island APDA 


“In the consultation room, I often get on my soap box and give a little lecture about the important of physical activity, social interaction, mental stimulation…and Dance for PD gives all three of those.” 

– Neil Mahant, MD 

Neurologist and neurophysiologist 

Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia 


“After class, I find myself feeling lighter, more present, aware, inspired, hopeful, empowered.”

– Dance for PD Participant 


The focus is not illness; it is living. It is self-expression, human connection, joie de vivre, beauty, love.”

– Dance for PD Participant