Monday November 23, 2020

Published in Cheedar

Dance Companies Go Digital Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Their company, Mark Morris Dance Group, has managed to keep its dancers employed, even after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of performances and tours for the foreseeable future. Still, the dancers have had to adjust to some uncomfortable realities — like taking class at home and rehearsing remotely.
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Saturday November 7, 2020

Published in The Washington Post

Mark Morris Dance Group steps online for its 40th-anniversary season

As the Mark Morris Dance Group’s fall season approached, the company knew it would be significant: This year is the modern dance troupe’s 40th anniversary, and programming would have to be almost all online. “Of course, we had very big plans involving revivals and touring internationally,” Nancy Umanoff, executive director, says. “Then we became digital several months ago. There was a bit more uncertainty, but tremendous opportunity.”
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Wednesday October 28, 2020

Published in The New York Times

Mark Morris Dance Group Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary Online

The Mark Morris Dance Group will celebrate its 40th anniversary with a digital season, its first since the coronavirus shutdown. Not that the company has been absent from the digital world. In May, it released four new dances by Mr. Morris, the company’s artistic director, made using Zoom, and has been streaming archival material.
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Saturday June 6, 2020

Published in The Wall Street Journal

The Staying Inside Guide: Waltz of the Zoom Screens

‘Dance On!” the 58-minute stream of four dances and commentary, first shown live on May 28 and now archived on the Mark Morris Dance Group’s YouTube channel, might just as well have been called “Carrying On!” Mr. Morris calls these works “video dances” because, unlike the over 150 stage dances he’s made since forming his group in 1980, these were created with the assistance of Zoom and Final Cut Pro and meant to be streamed.
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Friday May 29, 2020

Published in The New York Times

Mark Morris Gives Video Dances a Whirl

In a way, all of Mr. Morris’s video dances shared a connection to that period, although with his stamp. His films are short, but emphatic. (They were created with Mr. Fowler, who edited, and the assistance of the rehearsal director, Sam Black.) These cinematic markers of the current condition, in which stillness and everyday movement somehow get to the heart of what we all are experiencing: flipping between the alienation that solitude brings and occasional fits of euphoria.
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Tuesday May 26, 2020

Published in The New York Times

The Pragmatist’s Progress: Mark Morris Adapts to Creating Online

Ask the choreographer Mark Morris how he’s doing these days, and you’re liable to get a stream-of-consciousness cri de coeur laced with expletives about the state of the world and ending with a laconic “I’m fine.” His dancers have scattered, his dance center in Brooklyn is closed, there’s little or no earned revenue coming in, and his company and school have had to furlough more than half of their office staff.
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Tuesday April 14, 2020

Published in The Washington Post

Mark Morris, one of the world’s leading choreographers, takes dance to Zoom

Choreography in the age of covid-19 is hardly a graceful undertaking. Morris, the esteemed modern-dance artist whose company has performed to acclaim for more than 40 years, suddenly finds himself out of place in a world of seclusion. His profession depends on working closely with people, getting them to move exactly as he wants. But he’s determined to keep creating. No matter that the city’s quarantine makes gathering in a rehearsal studio impossible.
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Saturday November 16, 2019

Published in DC Metro Theater Arts

Mark Morris Dance Group boldly re-imagines ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ in ‘Pepperland’ at the Kennedy Center

Mark Morris dances are emphatically watchable, easily digestible, eccentric, and smartly witty. He so proficiently pairs music and dance, costume and set – with a cadre of collaborators – that it’s hard to have a bad night at a Mark Morris Dance Group performance.
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