Saturday November 16, 2019

Published in DC Metro Theater Arts

Mark Morris Dance Group boldly re-imagines ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ in ‘Pepperland’ at the Kennedy Center

Mark Morris dances are emphatically watchable, easily digestible, eccentric, and smartly witty. He so proficiently pairs music and dance, costume and set – with a cadre of collaborators – that it’s hard to have a bad night at a Mark Morris Dance Group performance.
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Thursday November 14, 2019

Published in Broadway World


Throughout the range of performances, the company keeps a lively energy, moving seamlessly from one song to the next. They flow together beautifully, and the synchronized group dances are only outdone by the staggered dances, which show off the company members’ tremendous skill. The fact that they make complicated choreography look so simple and effortless is a testament to their abilities, as the entire performance is demandingly fast and complex. And yet, it’s impossible to doubt that each member is clearly having the time of their lives on that stage.
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Wednesday November 13, 2019

Published in The Washington Post

‘Pepperland’ is an ecstatic and provocative Beatles tribute — and like no land you’ve been to before

“Pepperland,” Mark Morris’s ecstatic and provocative tribute to the Beatles and to life, is like no land that the choreographer has taken us to before. Yet there is so much in this hour-long explosion of color, dynamic tension and complex emotion that feels familiar.
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Tuesday October 29, 2019

Published in DanceTabs

Houston Ballet – The Letter V, Come In, Reflections – New York

His musical intuition leads his movement, and to my eye and ear, there is no choreographer alive today who can match his musicality.
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Friday October 25, 2019

Published in The New York Times

Review: Mark Morris Fits Houston Ballet to a ‘V’

Mr. Morris has a way, all too singular, of placing classical ballet in a setting of understated elegance. His steps are so clean that to watch anything afterward can feel like taking a bath in used water. By the end of Thursday night’s program at City Center, I realized that the only thing I want to watch after a ballet by Mr. Morris was another ballet by Mr. Morris.
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Friday September 27, 2019

Published in The Bay Area Reporter

Mark Morris Dance Group masters Mozart

Morris is at the moment the last of the great musical choreographers.
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Thursday September 26, 2019

Published in The Daily Californian

Classical music comes to life in ‘Mozart Dances’

In taking some of Mozart’s lesser-known works and reinterpreting them to build chemistry between artists and construct visual narratives, the show allowed members of the Mark Morris Dance Group to turn the Zellerbach stage into a source of pure delight.
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Tuesday September 24, 2019

Published in DanceTabs

Mark Morris Dance Group – Mozart Dances – San Francisco

Listening to Mozart allows one to marvel in abundant aural delights: long scalic passages that ascend heavenward; bouncy, patterned bass lines; bold dynamic range; melodic themes that inspire and surprise. Now imagine what it would be like to simultaneously add a visual dimension? No need to imagine such a scenario if you made it to Cal Performances over the weekend to see Mark Morris Dance Group in the delightfully spirited Mozart Dances.
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