Tuesday August 15, 2023

Published in Ephemeralist

Mark Morris Dance Group Finally Alights at the Joyce

Mark Morris Dance Group performed at the Joyce for the first time, finally! Some fable would be an appropriate metaphor, whether it’s Goldilocks finding the right bed, or Cinderella getting that right-sized glass slipper on her foot. In any case, MMDG’s small-to-medium scaled rep looked right at home at the Joyce in front of enthusiastic audiences.
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Tuesday August 15, 2023

Published in Eye on Dance

Mark Morris Dance Group Sails

How refreshing to watch a full evening of damn good choreography.  That summed up my feelings during the Mark Morris Dance Company’s first appearance at the Joyce Theater.
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Tuesday August 15, 2023

Published in Fjord Review

The Music Man

Has any choreographer extracted as much value from the chug step as Mark Morris? Jerome Robbins came close in “Glass Pieces,” and George Balanchine gave chugs some big moments in “Apollo,” but Morris consistently uses the simple move to demonstrate a profound musicality.
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Wednesday August 9, 2023

Published in The Wall Street Journal

Mark Morris Dance Group Review: Radiant Renewal in New York

The troupe’s current two-week run is its first season at the Joyce Theater and highlights its triumphant return to the stage after the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Tuesday August 8, 2023

Published in The New York Times

Mark Morris Premieres a Dance More Major Than ‘Minor’

In his Joyce Theater debut, Morris unveiled a cheekily titled premiere and “Castor and Pollux,” a lost treasure from his early days.
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Monday August 7, 2023

Published in Dance Magazine

Mark Morris Dance Group Makes Its Debut at New York City Mainstay The Joyce Theater

“I’ll go anyplace to see a show,” says Mark Morris. That includes The Joyce Theater, five miles north of and across the East River from his company’s Brooklyn headquarters: “I was just there two nights ago.”
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Friday August 4, 2023

Published in Arts Meme

REVIEW: Fascinating time-travel with Mark Morris Dance Group at the Joyce Theater 1

So Tuesday’s opening night felt momentous – even historic – as MMDG finally came to the Joyce. Its two-week run (through August 12) features two different programs, each with four works. All but one feature the live music that is the sine qua non of Morris’ choreography, impeccably performed by members of the MMDG Music Ensemble.
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Wednesday August 2, 2023

Published in Fjord Review

Mark Morris Makes History

When Mark Morris Dance Group comes to the Joyce Theater August 1-12, the two-week engagement will be one for the dance history books. In a seemingly long overdue convergence, particularly given the longevity of both organizations, the company will make their debut at one of New York City’s most popular dance venues.
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