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Rental Types

Private and Group Lessons

Group Visits

The Mark Morris Dance Center, located in the heart of Brooklyn’s Cultural District, welcomes visitors year-round. We offer several packages for groups which include:

  • Discounted drop-in class rates
  • Private master classes taught by our renowned faculty
  • MMDG master classes, taught by members of the Mark Morris Dance Group
  • Private tours of our state-of-the-art facilities
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The Dance Center offers a diverse selection of more than 50 classes per week, taught by a faculty composed of some of New York’s most skilled and experienced teachers. All classes have the option of live musical accompaniment in our state of the art, column-free, wood-sprung floored studios. Classes at the Dance Center provide a unique experience in New York City, attracting professional dancers, dance students, and dance and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Drop-In Classes for Groups      
Register for any of our Adult Weekly Classes and Workshops as a group of 6 or more and receive $2 off the drop-in rate for each individual. 
All classes on our regular schedule are open to dancers ages 14 and older.

Private Master Classes for Groups       
Groups can choose a 60, 90, or 120-minute class with one of our world-renowned faculty members. The Dance Center offers a wide range of dance styles to choose from; Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Hip-Hop, Tap Dance, African and more. Students can experience a more intimate and tailored approach for their group. Classes are priced based on length of time and number of students.  Accompanists are available for an additional fee of $50/hour.

60 minute class:
Group of 6-14 dancers: $195
Group of 15-24 dancers: $270
Group of 25-39 dancers: $330
Group of 40 or more dancers: $380

90 minute class:
Group of 6-14 dancers: $215
Group of 15-24 dancers: $290
Group of 25-39 dancers: $350
Group of 40 or more dancers: $400

120 minute class:
Group of 6-14 dancers: $235
Group of 15-24 dancers: $310
Group of 25-39 dancers: $370
Group of 40 or more dancers: $420

To book a group class, please fill out our Group Request Form.

MMDG Master Classes for Groups       
Experience the genius of Mark Morris by working directly with one of the MMDG company members. This unique package includes a 60-minute Modern Dance class followed by a 45-minute Mark Morris repertory class. Students will learn phrases and sections from some of the 150+ works Mark Morris has created on his dance group. Concluding each MMDG Master Class will be a Q&A with the instructor and a tour of the facilities. Packages are customizable and are priced accordingly. Please contact Sarah Marcus to design your personalized class.

Private Tours
Arrange a private tour of our bustling Dance Center. The 5 floor facility, designed by architects from Beyer Blinder Belle, houses 7 dance studios, 3 lounges, 2 terraces, administrative offices, a wellness center and several ancillary spaces that all serve our mission and our community.  As you explore the home of the Mark Morris Dance Group, you will get a glimpse into the inner workings and activities of the organization, learn about our programs and history of the building, view archival, one-of-a-kind photos and artwork of the Dance Group, and much more. We've given tours to all types of groups - arts administrators, visiting dance companies, facility management teams, staff retreats, architecture and design students, and walking tour groups. To schedule a guided tour, please contact Elise Gaugert, Operations Manager.


MMDG is now accepting rental requests through June 2017.

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Last Minute Rental Availability*

April 24 8:30-10am in ICF
12-2pm in ICF
1-2pm in Studio A
2:30-5pm in Studio D
8:30-9:30pm Cole & Studio C
April 25 8:30-10am in ICF, Studio A & C
2-3:45pm in Cole
2:30-4pm in ICF
3-4pm in Studio A
7-9:30pm in Duffy
April 26 8:30-10am in Duffy, Cole, Studio A & B
8:30-11am in ICF
2:30-3:30pm in Studio D
April 27 6-7pm in Duffy
April 28 8:30-10am in Cole & ICF
1-2pm in Studio B
April 29 5-6:30pm in ICF
May 1 8:30-10am in Cole, ICF, Studio B & C
2-3pm in Studio B
2:30-6pm in Studio D
8:30-9:30pm in Cole, ICF & Studio C
May 2 8:30-10am in Duffy, Cole, ICF, Studio A & C
12-2:30pm in Studio C
8:30-9:30pm in Studio A
May 3 8:30-10am in Duffy, Cole, Studio A & C
11-12pm in Studio B
5:30-6:30pm in Studio D
8-9:30pm in Studio A
May 4 8:30-10am in Duffy, Cole & Studio C
6-7pm in Duffy
7:30-9:30pm in Studio B
8:30-9:30pm in Duffy & Studio C
May 5 8:30-10am in Duffy, Cole & ICF
8:30-12pm in Studio A
2-4pm in Studio C
8:30-9:30pm in Cole & Studio B
May 8 8:30-10am in Cole, ICF & Studio C
2:30-4pm in Studio D
8:30-9:30pm in Cole, ICF & Studio C
May 9 8:30-10am in Cole, Studio A & C
8:30-11am in ICF
8:30-9:30pm in Studio A
*subject to change

Mark Morris Dance Center

3 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217-1415

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The mission of the Mark Morris Dance Group is to develop, promote, and sustain dance, music, and opera productions by Mark Morris and to serve as a cultural resource to engage and enrich the community.

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