Rental Types

Rehearsals, Workshops, Auditions


The Dance Center’s larger column-free studios (James and Martha Duffy Performance Space, Robert W. Cole Studio, and Studio C) are ideal settings for one-time workshops.

Please note that we do not rent for on-going classes (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) or private instruction. Regular adult programming at the Mark Morris Dance Center is determined by our Education Department. Please contact the Director of Education if you're interested in teaching an on-going class.


If space is needed for check-in or registration, adjacent lobby space can be rented and chairs and tables provided.


James and Martha Duffy Performance Space

  • $100 per hour         
  • Includes registration space with a table and chairs in a private adjacent lobby

Robert W. Cole Studio

  • $60 per hour: Studio Space
  • $40 per hour: Registration space with a table and chairs in adjacent lobby 

Studio C

  • $60 per hour: Studio Rental
  • $30 per hour: Registration space with a table and chairs


  • Sound/video playback system
  • Triple-basket weave sprung sub floors, covered with a Marley-type PVC dance floor
  • Portable and fixed ballet barres
  • Pianos (upright pianos in Robert W. Cole Studio and Studio C, grand piano in James and Martha Duffy Performance Space)
  • Natural light
  • Sunshades
  • Access to restrooms, lockers, and showers
  • Chairs and tables (upon request)


MMDG is now accepting rental requests through March 2019.

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The mission of the Mark Morris Dance Group is to develop, promote, and sustain dance, music, and opera productions by Mark Morris and to serve as a cultural resource to engage and enrich the community.

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