Effective September 1, 2017


1.       Tenants are required to keep a credit card on file with Discalced, Inc. Tenants who do not have a credit card to put on file must book in person and pay in full at the time space is booked.

2.       Discalced, Inc. will charge the card on file within 3 days of the rental in the event that a fee is owed for an unpaid bill, cancellation, studio damages, or inappropriate use of space.

3.       In case of cancellation or schedule change, TENANT must notify MMDG's Rental Manager at least 7 (one week) days prior to the requested rental date. TENANT forfeits entire payment to MMDG for cancellations and the difference in payment for any schedule changes made less than 7 days before rental date. 

4.       First-time tenants are required to pay for their first rental upon booking space to confirm their rental.

5.       If space hasn’t been pre-paid, tenants must pay at the Front Desk before entering the studio.

6.       All payments are to be made in cash, by check payable to MARK MORRIS DANCE GROUP, or credit card. All checks returned unpaid for any reason will be subject to an additional charge of $15. 

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The mission of the Mark Morris Dance Group is to develop, promote, and sustain dance, music, and opera productions by Mark Morris and to serve as a cultural resource to engage and enrich the community.

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