Children and Teen Program (Ages 4-18)


Ballet emphasizes proper ballet technique with a focus on developing strength, alignment, musicality, and the grace that is inherent in the form. The class provides a focused, structured approach to learning movement principles.

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Important notes regarding pointe classes:

  • Students must be enrolled in an appropriate ballet class to accompany pointe.
  • Do not purchase pointe shoes until instructed by teacher.
  • The first few classes will serve as placement classes. Students must demonstrate sufficient ballet technique, foot and ankle strength, core control, and maturity and physical development.  For safety reasons, a student may be asked to withdraw from pointe classes if they are not ready.

Mark Morris Dance Center

3 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217-1415

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The mission of the Mark Morris Dance Group is to develop, promote, and sustain dance, music, and opera productions by Mark Morris and to serve as a cultural resource to engage and enrich the community.

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