Parents' Observation

Thursday Classes

Observations: January 3, 10, 17, 2019 

 Please note, in order to accommodate other classes and their observation dates, classes may change studio location. Locations will be posted daily throughout the Dance Center during the Parents' Observation period. 
*please no more than 2 guests per student

Class Time
Class Name
Observation Day


Creative Dance 1 (age 4)

Olivia Dunn

January 17

4:15-5:00pm Tap Fundamentals A Yuka Kameda

January 10

4:00-4:45pm Music & Singing Fundamentals B Elise Gaugert

January 17

4:00-4:45pm Modern Fundamentals A Maria Kundig

January 10

4:00-4:45pm Creative Dance 1 (Ages 5-6) Mary Seidman

January 3


Ballet Level 2 Sharyn Korey January 10
4:30-5:15pm Ballet Fundamentals B Kelsey Ley

January 17

4:45-5:30pm  Ballet Fundamentals A Maria Kundig

January 10

4:45-5:30pm  Hip-Hop Fundamentals B Darlene Arrington

January 17

4:45-5:30pm Creative Dance Level 2 (Ages 5-6) Mary Seidman

January 3

5:00-6:00pm Ballet Level 1 Sharyn Korey

January 10

5:00-6:00pm  Tap Level 2 Yuka Kameda

January 10

5:15-6:00pm Modern Fundamentals B Judith Nelson

December 13

5:30-6:30pm Modern Level 1 Mary Seidman

January 3


Hip-Hop Level 1
Darlene Arrington
        January 17
Modern Level 2
Alex Cook

January 10


Beg. Teen Tap Yuka Kameda January 10


Int/ Adv Teen Contemporary Jaime Dzandu January 10

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