Arts Immersion Fellowship

Arts Immersion Fellowship

Explore. Collaborate. Create. Perform.

Centered on developing career skills for future arts leaders, students in this free fellowship will have the opportunity to delve deeply into an aspect of the dance industry that interests them most, including management, marketing, choreography, production, and more.

Chosen for their dedication and commitment to the arts, the young adults (ages 15-21) who are selected as Arts Immersion Fellows will meet weekly to discuss topics relevant to their selected tracks, as well as meet with leaders in the field. Outside of the weekly Thursday meeting, fellows will collaborate to create a schedule to support their specific interests. Each fellowship cohort will produce a culminating project in a design of their own making.

This year, three Arts Immersion Fellows are selected via an application process. Fellows receive a full scholarship to their Arts Immersion class and one additional elective dance class in The School at the Mark Morris Dance Center. The Arts Immersion Fellows will ultimately collaborate to produce a culminating event.

Applications for Fall 2024-Spring 2025 will open Thursday, August 1, 2024.

The Fellowship class will take place on the following date and time, starting Thursday, October 17, 2024: Arts Immersion – by application only. Ages 15+. Thursdays 5:00-6:00pm


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Cultivating the Next Generations of Arts Leaders

“This is a program which gives you that opportunity to grow a lot as a dancer, choreographer, and overall as an artist, and it really cultivates your creativity.” – Mengwe Wapimewah (2018-19 Arts Immersion student)

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Students will explore and gain skills in the following areas:

EDUCATION: Developing curriculum and syllabi, creating lesson plans, articulation, and directing movement

PRODUCTION & MARKETING: Required personnel for production, performance language and etiquette, lighting/sound design, costume/make-up, scheduling, branding, audience building, digital presence

PERFORMANCE & MOVEMENT GENERATION: Composition skills, music, improvisation, collaboration, critique/feedback, field trip to see MMDG perform, student choreography, and student-driven, inspired, and produced performance

Teaching Artists

Arts Immersion is made possible with support from Friends of MMDG.

Calvin Rollins

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