American Dance Project

This 10-week residency program is designed to educate students on the connections between history and American dance forms.

American dance forms reflect the diversity and the hybridization of many cultures. This becomes most evident when taking into consideration the blending of Western European and African slave cultures during the Colonial period. Students study 17th-19th century European dance forms as well as dance and music of the African Diaspora. Students will learn how these forms influenced the creation of American dance forms such as the lindy hop, the cakewalk and the Charleston as well as contemporary jazz and hip-hop.


By the end of the residency students will be able to: physically demonstrate the movement material covered in the residency; define the dance terminology taught in each lesson; compare and contrast the dances learned in each session; describe which components in each dance descended from the Western European and/or African traditions; discuss the social and historical context and significance of the dances learned; access materials and resources for further study; demonstrate teamwork and collaboration through group choreography; give and receive constructive feedback; and have a better awareness of their physical self and how to use their bodies as a creative outlet.

Participating Schools

P.S. 41, P.S. 284

Teaching Artists

Keomi Tarver Nicole Restani