The Dance Center rents its three largest studios for informal showings: The James and Martha Duffy Performance Space, Robert W. Cole Studio, and Maxine Morris Studio. Each studio is available for audiences of 10 or more. The beautiful studio space and the support of our staff are a great combination for any successful showing. Please call or email for more information and bookings.



James and Martha Duffy Performance Space Seats 60 60’ X 60’ (3,600 sq. ft.)
Robert W. Cole Seats 45 38’ X 51’ (1,938 sq. ft.)
Maxine Morris Studio Seats 40  30’ X46’ (1,380 sq. ft)


· Sound/video playback

· Folding Chairs

· Customizable Seating (Duffy Only)

· Triple-basket weave sprung sub floors, covered with a Marley-type PVC dance floor

· Access to restrooms, lockers, and showers

· Natural Light

· Sunshades

· Portable Barres available in Duffy and fixed barres available in Cole and Maxine

· Pianos (upright pianos in Robert W. Cole Studio and Maxine Morris Studio, grand piano in Duffy)

· Tables and coatracks upon request



While food and drink are not allowed in the studios, there is the ability to use receptions areas adjacent or near your rental space. For Maxine Morris and Robert W. Cole use of the reception area is an added fee but for Duffy, the reception area is included. The renter is responsible for all décor, refreshments and paper/plastic. All of these items must be set up in the reception space in advance and remain there for the duration of the rental.