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Educational Residencies and Repertory Workshops

Repertory Workshops/Residencies

Led by current and former Mark Morris Dance Group company members, students learn and explore phrases from a variety of Mark Morris’ repertory that emphasizes musicality and specificity of movement as well as proper technique.  Gaining knowledge and insight first-hand, these workshops aim to inform, inspire, and develop the artistic practice of pre-professional students.  Repertory workshops have a minimum of two sessions.  Residencies, typically five days, can culminate in an informal showing.

Specialized Workshops

Using Mark Morris’ repertory as pedagogy, MMDG offers specialized workshops in four areas of focus.  These workshops have a minimum of three hours for a one-day commitment.

  • Musicality in Dance: This workshop explores and juxtaposes select dances from Morris’ repertory with a range of musical scores, rhythm, and instrumentation.  This workshop emphasizes rhythm, musical phrasing, and hearing the music.
  • Designing a Unit/Lesson Plan: Ideal for Dance Education majors, this workshop utilizes Morris’ repertory to develop themes, big ideas, and understandings when developing a unit of study in dance.
  • Dance Composition: This workshop focuses on developing a students’ choreographic process through Morris’ repertory utilizing music, choreographic devices, and multi-disciplinary inspiration – poetry, visual arts, and other cultural references.
  • Performance Readiness: This workshop focuses on performance readiness, embodying a character, ensemble dancing, and exploring one’s artistic liberty on stage through the lens of Mark Morris’ work.

To explore the possibilities, please contact:
Sarah Marcus, Director of Education 718.624.8400×201

Other Educational Opportunities

High School students can also work directly with professional dancers and gain insights into Mark Morris’ work. Access to this work informs, inspires, and develops the talents of young choreographer and dance artists. Visit our Arts in Education for High School Students page, for more information about these programs.
Throughout the year, we offer a range of professional development opportunities for dancers, choreographers, and musicians. To learn more, please visit our Professional Development page.