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Teatro Carlo Felice

Excursions 2014 - MMDG West

Teatro Carlo Felice

Genoa — Italy

Performances Times

November 04, 2014

8:30 pm

Works Performed

Italian Concerto

Music - Johann Sebastian Bach


Music - Lou Harrison

Jenn and Spencer

Music - Henry Cowell


Music - Samuel Barber


Music - Felix Mendelssohn

Excursions 2014 is MMDG’s unique, multi-continent tour that splits the dance group in two from October through November 2014. The tour features Words, a new work by Mark Morris and cross-cultural community and educational programming through Access/MMDG and the U.S. State Department’s DanceMotion USA program.

MMDG West tours the U.S., Scotland, Italy, and Switzerland.
MMDG East tours Cambodia, Timor-Leste, and Taiwan.

East and West reunite mid-November in Shenzhen and Beijing, China.