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Alice Are You

Alice Are You

7:00pm - 6:00am

James and Martha Duffy Performance Space – Mark Morris Dance Center

3 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Alice Are You
June 20 and 21 | James and Martha Duffy Performance Space

The tea party table turned upside down…with an original score, artisanal costumes, and fearless flights of fancy!

It's just another day in the dollhouse… until Alice falls down the telephone hole into a playful, poignant world of mirrors, tea cups, and bureaucratic bumblings. Here she encounters a dazzling but dissonant cast of characters who may- or may NOT- assist in her quest to find the elusive 'Myself' before the Ringmaster puts her on trial for nonexistence!

June 20th
Doors 7PM
Show 7:30PM
High tea is a substitute for dinner, taken in the evening at a high table, and tends to involve adult libations.

June 21st
Doors 1:30PM
Show 2:00PM
Low tea is taken in the afternoon at low tables and is an indisputably enjoyable event for children and adults alike.

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