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New Year’s Eve Lineup

New Year’s Eve Lineup

9:00am - 7:00am

Stretch 9-9:45am – Open Level with Nicole Restani $10
Wake up your body with a 45-minute open level morning stretch class. With an emphasis on breath, this class is a relaxing way to rid yourself of any aches and pains and stretch the major muscle groups of your body.

Core Strenghtening 9:45-10:30am – Open Level with Nicole Restani $10
Invigorate your body with a 45-minute open level yoga core strengthening class. In this workout, we will focus on toning muscles of the abdomen, as well as the back, chest, and pelvis.

Adv Ballet 10am-12pm with David Leventhal $16
Ideal for both the contemporary and classical dancers at the advanced and professional level, Advanced Ballet follows the structure of a traditional ballet class, placing emphasis on rhythm and musicality. Students are provided with a challenging and engaging technique class within a fun, energetic, and supportive dance community.

Int/Adv Contemporary Modern 12-2pm with Kendra Portier $16
Appropriate for intermediate level dancers and professionals, this class provides students with an opportunity to explore movement drawn from a variety of contemporary styles in a fun environment that help students develop musicality, technical proficiency, and a sense of confidence. Technical exercises are designed to engage and gently challenge students' minds and bodies, while across-the-floor phrases emphasize dynamic specificity and full-bodied fluidity.