Legacy Society – Planned Giving

Ensure the future of the Mark Morris Dance Group

Planned gifts provide for the company’s future while creating a lasting and meaningful legacy for you and your loved ones. When you name the Mark Morris Dance Group in estate plans through bequests, gift annuities, charitable trusts, and beneficiary designations, you will automatically become a part of the Legacy Society. Your gift may have valuable tax benefits to you; and you’ll also enjoy invitation to a special annual event for Legacy Society members-only.

How does it work?

Planned gifts are determined in the present day and granted at a later date, often providing benefits to the donor such as reduced income and estate taxes. Planned gifts can be made to the Mark Morris Dance Group (or to our legal nonprofit name “Discalced, Inc.”) through IRA Charitable Rollovers, Bequests, Donor-Advised Funds, and Life Insurance and Retirement Plans. All funds will be used for annual operations unless otherwise designated toward a specific program or use.

Bequests can be made through a living trust or will. This type of planned gift can be assigned a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your total estate. The Mark Morris Dance Group can also be designated as a contingent beneficiary should other beneficiaries predecease the donor. Bequests often significantly reduce the sum of your taxable estate.

Life Insurance and Retirement Plans are other vehicles through which donors can support the Mark Morris Dance Group. Life Insurance policies can be donated as tax-deductible gifts, with premiums still being paid on donated policies considered tax-deductible contributions as well. Assets from Retirement Plans such as IRAs, 401Ks, and 403Bs can also be given to the Mark Morris Dance Group as charitable gifts at significantly reduced taxation rates.

If you have planned a gift for the Mark Morris Dance Group or would like additional information, please contact  Michelle Amador, Director of Development at 718-624-8400, ×208.