We gratefully acknowledge the many individuals, institutions, corporations, and government agencies whose support as of January 22, 2021 is critical to our continued work.

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40th Anniversary Sponsors

Season Sponsors Anonymous (2) • Judith R. and Alan H. Fishman • Shelby and Frederick Gans • Suzy Kellems Dominik Directing Sponsors York-Chi and Stephen Harder Sustaining Sponsors Jeffery and Tina Budge • Michael and Rachel Zamsky Supporting Sponsors Roberta and Joe Hellman • Richard and Mary-Kathryn Roelofs • John H. Loux and Carol Sanders • Gerard Conn and Carol Yorke Patron Sponsors Judith Aley • Anonymous (3) • Millard F. Coffin III, Ph.D • Nancy Dalva • Edith and Ed Drcar • Carol Ann Dyer • Wynne Furth • Mollie Katzen • Kate and Tom Kush • David Lakari • Fred and Jean Leventhal • Nicholas Ma • Barbara T. Martin • Margaret Mastrianni • Erika McNichol • Emily Miao • Jon Nakagawa • Robert Ouimette • Megan and Greg Pursell • Katharine F. Roberts • Jennifer Thienes Dixon • Grace and John Timberlake • Vanetta Vancak • Mary R. Waters

40th Anniversary Fund Donors

Anonymous • Diane T. Anderson • Paul Appeldoorn • Nina K. Auerbach • Emanuel and Yoko Ax • Rosalind and Walter Bernheimer • Terri Bullock • Cynthia A. Clegg • Ara Guzelimian and Janet Clough • Susan and Gary DeLong • Catherine de Saint Aignan • Deirdre Howley and Ira Eisenstadt • Gale Epstein • Lisa A. Ernst • Thomas G. Evans • Phillip G. Fairweather, M.D. • Richard E. Feldman, Esq • Glenda and Bob Fishman • Carolyn George • Sarah and Michael Gerstenzang • Jonathan Glazer • Richard Malanga and Rodney Gordon • Lenore and Ed Grabowski • The Grant Family Fund • The Grodzins Fund • L. Jay Grossman • Elizabeth Grover • Sharon B. Gurwitz • Macduff and Twyla Hughes • Maxine and James Kaler • Amanda Gluibizzi and Christian Kleinbub • Myra Kooy • Lempel Family Gift Fund • Dr. Nancy Long, Ph.D. and Mr. Marc N. Waldor • Manson Family and Stanley J. Wertheimer Fund Donors • Patricia McGrath • Stephen Partridge • Cecilia Paul • James and Barbara Pearce • Judith J. Plows • Marjorie Randolph • Mikhail Baryshnikov and Lisa Rinehart • Ann M. Sagalyn • Gabriel and Jolie Schwartz • Lise Scott • Katharine Homans and Patterson Sims • Elizabeth Rose and William Hurt Sledge • Ranny Cooper and David Smith • Ruth Tobey • Mary R. Waters • Judith Weisfuse • Andrea Likwornik Weiss and David S. Weiss, M.D. • Carol and Mark Willis • Laura Winner • Robert and Sharon Yoerg • Joseph Yurcik • and the more than 700 individuals making contributions $1-999 to the season.

Major support for the Mark Morris Dance Group provided by

American Express • Anonymous • The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation • Timothy McClimon and Suzanne Berman • Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners, LLP • Frederick and Morley Bland • Dance/NYC • Sharon DeLano • Judith R. and Alan H. Fishman • Shelby and Frederick Gans • Isaac Mizrahi and Arnold Germer • Howard Gilman Foundation • York-Chi and Stephen Harder • John and Tommye Ireland (in memoriam) • Marc and Melissa James • Suzy Kellems Dominik • Elizabeth Amy Liebman • Nicholas Ma and William Lopez • Helen and John Meyer • Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation • Mark Morris • National Endowment for the Arts • New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, City Council Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo, and Council Member Helen Rosenthal • New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature • New York Community Trust • Stavros Niarchos Foundation • Ellen and Arnold Offner • Sarabeth Berman and Evan Osnos • PARC Foundation • Parkinson’s Foundation • Onay Payne • Darryl Pinckney • Poss Family Foundation • Drs. Jocelynne and Perry Rainey • Diane E. Solway and David Resnicow • Billy Rose Foundation • Margaret Conklin and David Sabel • The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation • Iris Cohen and Mark Selinger • The SHS Foundation • The Shubert Foundation • Jane and R.L. Stine • Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund • Nancy Umanoff • Jamie Gorelick and Richard Waldhorn • The White Cedar Fund

Additional support provided by

Jane E. Aaron • Kenneth Aidekman Family Foundation • American Parkinson Disease Association • Anonymous • Arnow Family Fund • Katherine Weil and Stuart Bauchner • Lane Heard and Margaret Bauer • Alan Beller • Jeffrey Black • Samuel Black • Bloomberg LP Corporation • Bossack/Heilbron Charitable Foundation • Boston Scientific • Terry Boyer • Emily G. Buck Fund • Merv and Carmie Budge • Allan and Rhea Bufferd Education Fund • Karen Burkhardt • Harold L. Clinton, Jr. • Con Edison • Continental Grain Foundation • Joseph and Joan Cullman Foundation for the Arts • Belden H. and Pamela K. Daniels • Mary E. Darmstaetter • Dau Family Foundation • The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation • Robert J. Dixon • Jean Espenshade • Ann Feldman • Michael and Nancy Feller • Jaylyn Olivo and Dale Flecker • Neil R. Ericsson and Karen L. Florini • Stephen M. Foster • Michelle Francis • Carol Enseki and William Fulbrecht • Candace and Vincent Gaudiani • The John N. and Gillett A. Gilbert Family Fund • Cynthia Gilbertson • Bernard F. and Alva B. Gimbel Foundation • Lynn B. Glaser • Carolyn George • Robert Goldberg • V Hansmann • The Harkness Foundation for Dance • Marta Heflin Foundation • J Michael Hemmer • Kim Huskey • Penny Hutchinson • Frances J. Ingebritson • Sonja Johansson • Linda Johnson • Larry Keigwin • Janet Kelly • Richard Rubenstein and Katherine Kolbert • Melissa and Russ Koval • Kraft/Posy Charitable Fund • Carol and Erwin Krasnow • Leatherwood Foundation • Virginia Lee • Laurence and Jane Levine • Elizabeth Levy • The Herman Liebmann Foundation • William W. Lockwood, Jr. • Greg and Liz Lutz • John Lyons • Kristina Exline and Joshua Manson • Alison Marshall • Lloyd Mast • Lucy B. McCauley • Megara Foundation • Judith G. Mendelsund • Wayne and Barbara Miller • Stuart Miller • Joe W. Munzenrider • Linda Myles • Harris A. Berman & Ruth Nemzoff Family Foundation • Phoebe Taubman and Craig Nerenberg • New Music USA • Amy and Melvin Okamura • Emily Omura • Parikh Parivar Foundation • The Parkinson Council • Antony Peattie • The L.E. Phillips Family Foundation • Davis Phinney • Lauren and Scott Pinkus • Sandra Pierson Prior • Patrick Ravey • Jerome Robbins Foundation • The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative • Jonathan and Diana Rose • J. Loux and Carol Sanders • Arlene and Michael Scorzelli • Jeffrey and Kim Brown Seely • Shapiro Grynstejn Family Fund • David and Marie Louise Smith • Angela and Joel Solomon • Yukie Stubbs • Emmanuel R. Torrijos and Jing Shang Tan • Patricia and Jeff Tarr • Douglas Thomas • David Tobey • Judy and Charlie Tobey • Deirdre Towers • Jane Frances Levy Troy • June G. and Jeffrey Wolf • David Wyckoff • E. Richard Yulman • Zeitz Foundation • Myra and Matthew Zuckerbraun • the more than 3,500 individuals giving gifts of $1–$999 annually.

In Kind support provided by

Robert Bordo • Downtown Brooklyn Partnership • McDermott Will & Emery • Marshall Hagins • Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc. • Peregrine Images • Resnicow + Associates

Legacy Giving: Ensure the Future of the Mark Morris Dance Group

Individuals who name the Mark Morris Dance Group in estate plans through bequests, gift annuities, charitable trusts, and beneficiary designations ensure a strong future for the organization. MMDG gratefully acknowledges bequest gifts received in the past year from James H. Duffy and Christie Campbell.

MMDG also acknowledges gifts made in honor and memory of Leslie Beller, James Bolle, Dr. Heriberto Cerpa, Peter Ecklund, Eilene Evans, Leonard Feinoth, June O. Goldberg, Mary Good, Leonore Gordon, Howard Hodgkin, Kathleen Howard, Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, Jane Knuttunen, Laurence and Jane Levine, Harvey Lichtenstein, Bill Miller, Robert “Bob” Resen, Marilyn Rinsler, Aaron Loux and Carol Sanders, Douglas Schwalbe, Charlie Tobey, Kathryn Turner, Edwin L. Umanoff, Rob Webb, Stanley Wertheimer, and Julie Worden.

























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Mark Morris Dance Group

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