Violet Cavern

Violet Cavern


BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)

Howard Gilman Opera House

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Commissioned in part by the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Details List

Music The Bad Plus - Violet Cavern (commissioned score)
Costume Design Elizabeth Kurtzman
Hidden from About Stephen Hendee
Scenic Design Stephen Hendee
Lighting Design Michael Chybowski
Number of Dancers 15
Runtime 50 minutes


Violet Cavern score composed and performed by The Bad Plus.

The Bad Plus: Ethan Iverson, piano; Reid Anderson, bass; David King, percussion

Press Quotes

  • ""A compelling visual experience that moves back and forth from mystery to exuberance, ending in a dazzling display of 15 dancers each spinning in his or her own sphere. Stephen Hendee's panels with their weblike design create a tapestry that gives each of the seven movements a distinct look and feel as Michael Chybowski's brilliant lighting effects change the entire color scheme from silver-blue to peach to yellow to bright white""
  • ""I began to feel as if Morris was manipulating a Rubik's Cube and I couldn't bear to put it down.""
  • ""Violet Cavern turned Morris' inventive vocabulary into an eloquent and absorbing language.""
  • ""The music... played live by the composers, is Stravinsky by way of Kurt Cobain, with a dash of Erik Satie and it's a knockout.""