Mark Morris Dance Group

L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato

Music by George Frideric Handel; pastoral ode after poems by John Milton, rearranged by Charles Jennens

READ THE REVIEWS | World Premiere: November 23, 1988, Brussels, Belgium

Mark Morris, choreographer
Adrianne Lobel, scenic design
Christine Van Loon, costume design
James F. Ingalls, lighting design

"It’s startling to see a work of genius composed largely from movements as basic as walking, running, hopping, skipping, lying down and the like. When it was new in 1988, L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, Mark Morris’s full-evening Handel-oratorio dance, made me quote Schumann’s line about Chopin: “Hats off, gentlemen, a genius.” I do so again with pleasure now. Even after 22 years I find no end to the intricacies of Mr. Morris’s construction, and the meanings that continually pour from them. It fills the soul with wonder; it fascinates the mind with suggestion."
-The New York Times, (2010) READ ENTIRE ARTICLE
View the complete performance archive of L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato.
View an historical slide show on the production.



Segment from MMDG-TV: The Art of Mark Morris

Hidden Soul of Harmony: Mark Morris' L'Allegro VIEW EXHIBIT
A photography exhibition curated by Special Projects Manager Alexandro Pacheco, featuring the works of Stephanie Berger and Susana Millman. It was first presented in Seattle, WA (April 2008), then in Toronto, CAN (June 2008); in Berkeley, CA (May 2009); and recently on view at the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn, NY.

L'Allegro Stories on Tumblr
Nov. 23, 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of Mark Morris' L'Allegro, il Penseroso, ed il Moderato. L'Allegro Stories on Tumblr commemorates the milestone through a growing collection of stories from people around the globe who have been touched by this work. You can read and watch other's stories, and also add your own. We hope you'll be inspired to share your connection to L’Allegro and what it means to you.

Insight into L'Allegro: A Mark Morris Masterpiece (Past Event)
As part of the 20th anniversary, a symposium in Seattle on the production brought together several experts to discuss the many elements involved in work. The multi-disciplinary discussion and Q/A featured:
-Gerard Schwarz (conductor, Seattle Symphony) on Handel WATCH NOW
-Marshall Brown (UW Comparative Literature professor) on Milton WATCH NOW
-Susan Casteras (UW Art History) on Blake WATCH NOW
-Roger Downey (Seattle Weekly dance critic) on Morris WATCH NOW
-Moderated by Kitty Daniels (Chair, Cornish Dance Department) WATCH NOW
Benaroya Recital Hall, Seattle, WA

Mark Morris at On The Boards (Past Event) WATCH NOW
with Gigi Yellen of KingFM 98.1
Seattle radio personality Gigi Yellen spoke with Mark Morris about the Company's early years leading up to the creation of L'Allegro in Brussels in 1988. Recorded live at On the Boards, Seattle (April 2008)

L'Allegro at 20: A Conversation with Mark Morris and author Wendy Lesser
(Recorded live May 5, 2008, New York Public Library, Main Branch)

Mark Morris Dance, Music & Literacy Project (Ongoing) MORE INFO
This free arts education program conducted in Brooklyn public schools introduces modern dance, classical musical and poetry to students in grades 1-4 through a 10-week, in-school residency based on the production. The residency concludes with an interactive performance by the Mark Morris Dance Group.

“In many ways, L’Allegro is the perfect introduction to the Morris style – showing not only his musical sensibility (and that of his hair-trigger-trained dancers), but also his enormous, and rare, skill compositional architecture.” – New York Post

“A masterpiece of the late 20th century.” – Chicago Tribune

“The entire spectacle represents one of those rare theatrical occasions by which those present measure their lives.” – The Times Literary Supplement (London)

“One of the most joyful and endearing works ever created…” – Boston Globe


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