Pro Series: For Advanced through Professional Students

This new offering is geared towards our pre-professional and professional dance community. Beginning April 2024, each month a new teaching artist will take over. Class will occur weekly on Wednesdays from 12-2pm. Class genres will primarily be within the contemporary and modern genre while being rooted in each teaching artist’s unique practice. This class is set at a Subsidy Rate of $12. 

Urban Bush Women: The Liberated Pelvis

May 1, 8, 15, & 22.

Join us for this month’s Pro Series with Urban Bush Women. The Liberated Pelvis is a movement system created by UBW Co-Artistic Director Mame Diarra Speis. This movement system explores pelvic mobility as the root of powerful locomotion as a point of connection to the stories, experiences, memories, and lineages that reside in the body. There will be a charge to tune our instincts, intuition, and body knowledge by being immersed in different “states” throughout a durational process. We will do this by exploring concepts of full-bodied movement with a dynamic blend of athleticism and fluidness, integrating breath and musicality, core stability, feet as foundation, grounding, shifting, and accessing the full range of the pelvis. The Liberated Pelvis gives attention to understanding self and our uniqueness with a deep focus on honing our individual voice through permission, play, rigor, transparency, and duration, a value within the African Diaspora.