Dance, Music, and Literacy Project

Dance, Music, and Literacy Project

“I learned that dances show a story.” Jordana, PS 38

For: Elementary school students

Timeframe: 10-20 week-long residencies (including performance/Master Class at the Dance Center)

The Dance, Music, and Literacy Residency, delivered by Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG)’s Education and Community Engagement department, is a learning framework through which students experience the physical, technical skill-building of dance class while also developing self-expressive compositional skills through the process of dance making. With options to participate in 10-, 15-, or 20-week long residencies, students will have the opportunity to learn a dance style (modern, jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, or West African), see where that dance style connects to dances performed by professional dancers (including the Mark Morris Dance Group), and try out dance making for themselves. The residency is tied together through an exploration of a specific MMDG work and includes a field trip to the Mark Morris Dance Center to see the professional company perform excerpts of the piece in a personalized, educational environment. 

All classes are accompanied by a professional drummer.

Pricing: We work with you, our community partner, to address your needs in determining costs.

Where: We come to you!

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