Studio Policies

The studios at the Dance Center are designed primarily for dancing. The column-free studios have custom built sprung wood floors with marley flooring, mirrors, sound systems, ballet barres, natural light, acoustical paneling and pianos. We love sharing our spaces with the dance community and ask that you follow a few rules to help us protect and maintain these resources.

Studio activities are typically booked back to back. Help us stay on time by promptly beginning and ending your rehearsal period. Should a space be occupied at the time of your reservation, please do not ask the occupants to leave. We ask that you request help from the Front Desk to assist with the changeover.

To keep studios clean and pest-free, food and drinks are not permitted in any of the studios with the exception of water, in plastic or metal bottles. Food and drink may be consumed in the lounge and terrace spaces on the 1st, 4th, and 5th floors.

Proper dance footwear is permitted in the studios. Tap shoes are allowed ONLY in Studio D and the ICF Studio. Street shoes are not allowed in any studio. Please remove your shoes before entering the studio.  This applies to all participants and observers. High heels and rosin are forbidden in the studios.

Ballet barres should be used in their intended manner. Standing, sitting, swinging, or hanging on the barres is not permitted.

Sound systems are provided for your use in each studio. You can play CDs and DVDs, or connect an iPod/mp3 player, iPhone/smartphone, or laptop with the ¼ inch headphone jack provided. The Front Desk is available to assist you if you need help operating a unit. If the volume level interrupts other building activity or puts the speakers at risk, you will be asked to lower the volume.

Heating and air conditioning are maintained seasonally in the dance studios. The Front Desk is available to assist you if the temperature needs to be adjusted. For your safety, please do not open the windows yourself.

Phones are provided in each studio. Please use them to dial the front desk for assistance at extension 200.
There is no direct line in to the studios.

Live music is an essential part of our mission here at the Dance Center. Steinway pianos are provided in all studios, except Studio D. Use of the piano is included in your studio rental at no additional cost. We ask that you cover the piano after use. Please do not use these valuable and sensitive instruments as tables, coffee bars, computer stands, or for any other unintended purpose. For your and the instrument’s safety, please do not move the piano on your own. Call the Front Desk (x200) for assistance.


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