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Entry/Exit windows  
  • Be considerate and enter/exit studio according to your rental schedule
  • 15 minutes allotted to enter/exit building
Food & drink  
  • Only water is permitted in the studio 
  • Meals should be taken off-site  
Sound system  
  • Be mindful of your music volume 
  • Staff will make volume adjustments and close your studio door if needed 
  • Overhead lights take 5-10 minutes to fully come on.  
  • To control natural light, you may raise or lower the studio shades (available in all studios except Cole). 
Temperature adjustments 
  • Studios can be made warmer or cooler, but it may take 15 minutes or longer for a change to be noticeable 
  • Extreme adjustments need to be pre-arranged 
Streaming equipment 
  • Use of the equipment must be agreed upon in advance 
  • Do not move our pianos without assistance and approval 
  • If you need the piano moved, request assistance 
  • Stiletto heels and street shoes (shoes worn outside) on our marley floors are strictly prohibited 
Glitter & Rosin 
  • Are strictly prohibited 
No open flames 
  • Such as candles or incense 
  • Spike tape is permitted- no masking tape, duct tape or tape of any other kind 
  • Remove spike tape before exiting the studio 
Props, instruments, equipment 
  • All need to be pre-approved.  
Cleaning Supplies  
  • Supplies are provided by MMDG 
  • Disinfect all touched surfaces before exiting 
  • Request credentials at front desk 
First Aid Kit 
  • The kit contains band-aids and ice packs 
  • In the event of an emergency, inform our front desk 
  • Use phone in studio to contact us 
  • Dial 239 to contact staff at front desk