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Rental Terms & Conditions
  • All renters are subject to MMDG’s Rental Terms and Conditions upon booking. Please click here to review them.
Entry/Exit windows  
  • Be considerate and enter/exit studio according to your rental schedule
  • 15 minutes allotted to enter/exit building
Food & drink  
  • Only water is permitted in the studio 
  • Meals should be taken off-site  
Sound system  
  • Be mindful of your music volume 
  • Staff will make volume adjustments and close your studio door if needed 
  • Overhead lights take 5-10 minutes to fully come on.  
  • To control natural light, you may raise or lower the studio shades (available in all studios except Cole). 
Temperature adjustments 
  • Studios can be made warmer or cooler, but it may take 15 minutes or longer for a change to be noticeable 
  • Extreme adjustments need to be pre-arranged 
Streaming equipment 
  • Use of the equipment must be agreed upon in advance 
  • Do not move our pianos without assistance and approval 
  • If you need the piano moved, request assistance 
  • Stiletto heels are strictly prohibited from being worn on our marley floors. Tap shoes are allowed in all studios given they are in good condition with no sharp pieces or edges that could potentially scratch the wood floor or marley. Otherwise, shoes worn within our studios must have a soft, non-marking sole.
Glitter & Rosin 
  • Are strictly prohibited 
No open flames 
  • Such as candles or incense 
  • Spike tape is permitted- no masking tape, duct tape or tape of any other kind 
  • Remove spike tape before exiting the studio 
Props, instruments, equipment 
  • All need to be pre-approved.  
Cleaning Supplies  
  • Supplies are provided by MMDG 
  • Disinfect all touched surfaces before exiting 
  • Request credentials at front desk 
First Aid Kit 
  • The kit contains band-aids and ice packs 
  • In the event of an emergency, inform our front desk 
  • Use phone in studio to contact us 
  • Dial 239 to contact staff at front desk