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Size: 17' x 20' (340 sq. ft.)
Studio D is a column-free studio with a sound playback system, ballet barres, a television, a keyboard, and a TV/DVD player (available upon request).
It has a hardwood floor with a ployurethane finish and is one of two studios approved for flamenco shoes (the other is the Independence Community Foundation Studio). Without windows, Studio D is also a perfect location for screenings and other events that do not need natural light. 
The smallest of our studios, Studio D sits in a quiet location on our mezzanine level, away from the traffic flow of the Dance Center. It is in close proximity to the Wellness Center and has a small adjacent lounge.

Ideal for:
  • Rehearsals
  • Meetings
  • Photo + Film Shoots

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MMDG is now accepting rental requests through May 2017.

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Last Minute Rental Availability*

March 27 3-4pm in Studio B
March 28 8:30-10am in ICF
3-4pm in ICF
March 29 8:30-10am in Duffy & Studio A
8:30-2:30pm in ICF
9:30-2:30pm in Studio D
3-4pm in Studio B
5:30-6:30pm in Duffy
March 30 8:30-9:30am in Studio A
March 31 8:30-10am in Cole, Studio A & C
April 2 9:30-12:30pm in Studio A & B
April 3 8:30-10am in Cole & Studio B
2:30-4pm in Studio D
8:30-9:30pm in Cole
April 4 8:30-10am in Duffy, ICF & Studio C
3-4pm in Studio B
8:30-9:30pm in Studio A
April 5 8:30-10am in Duffy, Cole & Studio C
8:30-2:30pm in ICF
8-9:30pm in Studio A
April 6 8:30-10am in Duffy
8:30-9:30pm in Studio C
April 7 8:30-10am in Duffy 
8:30-9:30pm in Cole & Studio A
April 10 8:30-10am in Cole & Studio B
2:30-4pm in Studio D
8:30-9:30pm in Studio C
*subject to change

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