In Our Community

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Explore how we are extending our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices beyond our staff and administration to meet the varying needs of our community. 



  • Installed ADA-compliant automated front doors and in one of the studios
  • Added closed captions in videos, alt text descriptions and color contrast corrections on website and other digital properties
  • Provided captioning for all digital and hybrid classes on the Digital Dance Center
  • Launched the Lucy Bowen Award for Inclusive Choreography, funding the creation of new dances for and with our global Parkinson’s community.



  • Conduct annual program evaluations and incorporate changes to continually improve programs. Methods of program evaluation include:
    • Teaching Artist Observation
    • Pre- and Post-skill student assessment
    • Pre- and Post student interviews
    • For Community-based partnerships, partner feedback
    • Written student feedback
  • Engage the adult programs and school community inclusive of families, students, faculty, and partners, through multiple conversational pathways to provide feedback to ensure we create and sustain programming that reflects our core values and program goals.