In Our Organization

In Our Organization

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Discover the ways we are continuously learning and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion practices within our daily work and institutional policies and procedures.


  • Provide staff-wide IDEA training and stipends to staff for independent IDEA training and learning
  • Re-activated a Work Life and Culture Committee (WLCC) to foster a company culture that is inclusive, equitable and prioritizes wellbeing and work-life balance
  • Created an organizational Code of Conduct and updated the faculty Code of Conduct
  • Launched anonymous ethics and whistleblower through third-party reporting system
  • Overhauled recruitment and hiring practices, conducting equity and inclusion training for hiring managers and moving to structured committees and skills-based interviews
  • Created transparent pay scales, for staff, dancers and apprentices
  • Developing a Land Acknowledgement statement and practice in collaboration with indigenous organizations
  • Prioritizing hiring MWOB vendors and service providers
  • Hired CCA, an employee assistance program, to provide employees with access to mental health and wellbeing counseling 



  • Completed a digital accessibility audit and implemented contrast updates and alt text for some images on our website.
  • Relaunched our Dance for PD website
  • Providing faculty on-going professional development in:
    • Adaptive and Inclusive teaching practices
    • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy to ensure teaching practices center students’ voices and learning styles.
    • Employing the four learning modalities within each lesson plan (aural, kinesthetic, tactile, and visual)
  • Hiring Assistant Teaching Artists as an additional resource in the classroom and to model adaptations and modifications as needed



We are in the process of completing an ESG Consultation (started in 2022) from which we will have measurable benchmarks for our work in relation to Employees, Environment, Social and Governance.