In Our Organization

In Our Organization

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access

Discover the ways we are continuously learning and implementing practices within our daily work and institutional policies and procedures.


  • Provide staff-wide IDEA training and stipends to staff for independent IDEA training and learning
  • Created an organizational Code of Conduct and updated the faculty Code of Conduct
  • Launched anonymous ethics and whistleblower through third-party reporting system
  • Hired an employee assistance program, to provide employees with access to mental health and wellbeing counseling



  • Re-activated our Employee Resource Group, the Work Life and Culture Committee (WLCC), to foster a company culture that is inclusive, equitable, and prioritizes wellbeing and work-life balance
  • Ongoing review of hiring practices to ensure equitable and inclusive skills-based interviews
  • Created transparent pay scales, for staff, dancers, and apprentices
  • Developing a Land Acknowledgement statement and practice in collaboration with indigenous organizations
  • Prioritizing hiring Minority & Women-Owned Business (MWOB) vendors and service providers for facilities, suppliers, and capital projects.



  • Added Dance Center accessibility details to our Visit the Dance Center page
  • Completed a digital accessibility audit and implemented contrast updates and alt text for some images on our website; installed UserWay accessibility plug-in to the website.
  • Relaunched our Dance for PD website
  • Providing faculty on-going professional development in:
    • Adaptive and Inclusive teaching practices
    • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy to ensure teaching practices center students’ voices and learning styles.
    • Employing the four learning modalities within each lesson plan (aural, kinesthetic, tactile, and visual)
  • Hiring Assistant Teaching Artists as an additional resource in the classroom and to model adaptations and modifications as needed


  • Added a third party ethics hotline and general suggestion box
  • Regular and transparent reporting on this website
  • We are in the process of completing an ESG Consultation (started in 2022) from which we will have measurable benchmarks for our work in relation to Environment, Social and Governance.