Community Engagement on Tour


Access/MMDG is an integrated program of custom-tailored arts and humanites-based activities to deepen and enhance the audience experience.

Through this program, MMDG works with presenters to provide a variety of opportunities to engage community members of all ages, interests, and abilities. Activities include discussions, films, and exhibits as well as music and dance classes, including our popular Get Fit with MMDG, Dance with MMDG, and Dance for PD programs.

The ideas in the tabs below serve to initiate the conversation.

Access/MMDG is made possible with generous support from The Andrew. W. Mellon Foundation and Bloomberg


Dance and Fitness classes are taught by MMDG members
and can be tailored to dancers and non-dancers of any experience level.

  • MMDG Repertory Workshop (90 – 180 minutes)
  • Ballet Technique Class (90 minutes) – an intermediate/advanced ballet class followed by a Q+A session
  • Modern Dance Class (60-90 minutes) – explores movement drawn from a variety of contemporary styles and phrases from Mark Morris repertory
  • Pilates and yoga
  • Open-level fitness class (Get Fit with MMDG)
  • Dance with MMDG – an intergenerational activity for the whole family to learn Mark Morris choreography.
  • Dance for PD ® – a customized dance workshop for people with Parkinson’s disease and their care partners, engaging participants’ minds and bodies in an enjoyable, social environment.

Programming also exists for children. No prior dance experience needed.

  • Creative Dance (60 minutes) -blends music, basic dance steps, and movement improvisation
  • Dance Movement Workshop (60 minutes) – uses Mark Morris choreography to introduce K-12 students to modern dance, improvisation, and composition
  • Storytime with Movement (60 minutes) – combines a movement workshop with the reading of a dance-related book

Interaction with the dance group and/or other arts organizations in your community can be provided through films, roundtable discussions, exhibits, courses, and more

  • Post-show Q+A with Mark Morris or dance group members
  • Talk, lecture, or symposium
  • Film screening – including Dido & AeneasThe Hard NutFalling Down StairsCapturing Grace ​(A Dance for PD® documentary)
  • Photography exhibit – MMDG photos by noted photographers Annie Liebowitz, William Wegman, Philip Trager, Mark Seliger, and others – customized for your venue or a nearby gallery space
  • Art museum walkthrough with Mark Morris as tour guide
  • Online access to libretti, essays, interviews, and more
  • Roundtable with MMDG dancers
  • Discussion with MMDG staff on arts administration, lighting design, stage management, etc.

Music is intrinsic to MMDG. Opportunities are available for music lovers and professionals to interact with the MMDG Music Ensemble.

  • Master class in music theory or performance
  • Lunchtime concerts
  • Roundtable with Ensemble members

Ojai Music Festival – Ojai, California – A toy piano recital in a local playground.

Mark Morris was the Music Director for the 67th annual Ojai Music Festival in 2013. MMDG partnered with the Festival on some special Access/MMDG experiences, encompassing talks, mini-recitals, and workouts.

“Our Festival’s ‘blueprint’ has completely changed because of what you brought to Ojai.” – Gina Gutierrez, Director of Marketing and Communications

Get Fit with MMDG: a morning stretch/light workout for all ages and fitness levels, led by MMDG dancers.

Access/MMDG also engaged the Ojai patrons and community outside the concert stages and brought new levels of interaction to the festival; MMDG dancers taught a master class in a local high school and a Dance with MMDG class, teaching MMDG repertory in a fun, inclusive family atmosphere.