Music Rehearsals

Music Rehearsals

Our Music Room is a unique, private space within the Mark Morris Dance Center. The room, equipped with a Boston grand piano, is ideal as a practice room for pianists, a composition room, a private voice or piano lesson studio or a space for small band rehearsals.


  • The carpeted room is 13’6″ x 15’6″ with a 6-person capacity. 
  • The room is equipped with a Boston grand piano, two Manhasset music stands, and a small table and chairs.
  • The room is located in a private section on the basement-level and can be accessed by stairs or elevator.
  • There is an adjacent restroom and waiting room.
  • MMDG’s staff admit, greet and direct all guests. The facilities/maintenance team are available to assist during all operating hours. Piano maintenance, utilities and cleaning are included within the rental fee.
  • Storage of some equipment in the room can be accommodated upon request.


  • Monthly rehearsal rental rate
    • $200/month to book up to 6 hours per week (approximately $8/hour).
    • $160/month to book up to 4 hours per week (approximately $10/hour). 
    • Agreement can be suspended for a month or more at a time with 30 days’ notice. MMDG will prorate fee if/when closed for a full week.
  • Private lessons (1:1 instruction) are booked separately at $25/hour and can be reserved up to 2 months in advance.