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Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher


PATRICK GALLAGHER grew up immersed in music and dance. From an early age he studied piano with Andre Gribou and took dance classes at Factory Street Studio, in Athens, Ohio. He moved to New York to attend Sarah Lawrence College, where he concentrated in Music and Dance, including time spent studying abroad in Havana, Cuba. He has been active as a dancer in re-staging of works by choreographers Lucinda Childs, Yvonne Rainer, and Andy de Groat, as well as new works by Kathy Westwater, Jon Kinzel, Steven Reker, Kim Brandt, and Allison Brainard. Patrick continues to work as an assistant to dancer David Hallberg and an accompanist at several schools and studios in New York City. His first CD of music for ballet class was produced by teacher Matthew Powell, and is titled Find Your Fifth. In January 2016 Patrick was featured in Dance Teacher Magazine, discussing the working relationship between teachers and dance musicians.

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