Mark Morris Dance Accompaniment Training Program

Mark Morris Dance Accompaniment Training Program

Join us for our annual Mark Morris Dance Accompaniment Training Program scheduled for June 21. This year we will offer both in-person and online options of the program. Join us from anywhere! Whichever option you choose musicians will have the opportunity to train directly with Mark Morris, Dance Group members and principal faculty both in group settings and one-on-one.

The Mark Morris Dance Accompaniment Training Program highlights the importance of music in the dance studio and elevates dance accompaniment as a viable profession. This program aims to create a set of standards for dance accompaniment and ensure a baseline of competency.
Over the 5-day workshop, the Mark Morris Dance Accompaniment Training Program trains a cohort of 10-15 advanced to professional musicians—pianists, percussionists, and other instrumentalists—to accompany a variety of technique classes, children’s dance, and an introduction to adaptive dance programs like Dance for PD classes.


There are two options for participation in this year’s program: In-person at the Mark Morris Dance Center; tuition: $500 OR Online through the interactive zoom platform; tuition: $350.  Students opting to participate online will enjoy the full program however  will observe the practicum portion of the program and not play for live classes.

The program is led by pianist, composer, and Barnard College Music Director Robert Boston with MMDG Music Director Colin Fowler, MMDG’s Director of Education, Sarah Marcus, and several of the Dance Center’s faculty of all dance styles.

Program Dates: June 21-25, 2022
Tuition: $500/week In-Person; $350/week Online
Schedule: meets Tuesday -Saturday 10am-4pm



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Contact Sarah Marcus, Director of Education, Mark Morris Dance Group

The pilot phase of the program was funded, in part, by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation’s 2015 Leadership Grants Program for Dance and Friends of MMDG.