James and Martha Duffy Performance Space

The James and Martha Duffy Performance Space is one of the largest column-free studios in Brooklyn. It is fully equipped with a triple-basket weave sprung sub floor, covered with a marley-type PVC dance floor, portable ballet barres, a Steinway grand piano, and a sound/video playback system. It is bright with natural light, plus central heat and air-conditioning.

The James and Martha Duffy Performance Space encompasses the 5th floor of the Mark Morris Dance Center and includes a small lobby (12’x40′ or 480 sq. ft.) and bathrooms adjacent to the space.

The space converts into a 140-seat theater perfect for performances and can be set up for private events. 

If you are interested in renting the James and Martha Duffy Performance Space for a performance, please visit our performance rental page. The space is ideal for performances, rehearsals, conferences, events, and photo/film shoots.

    • 60’ x 60’ (3,600 sq. ft.)
Ceiling Height
    • 21’ (to bottom of theatrical grid)
    • 225 (standing room only – capacity is subject to change based on use of the space)
    • The triple-basketweave sprung subfloor is covered with Harlequin Cascade™ flooring, made possible by the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, which is well-suited to a range of dance styles, including percussive forms like tap.
    • Color: black
    • Steinway grand piano
    • Grid-mounted sound system with aux cord, Bluetooth, and CD capabilities. Sound system includes:
      • 4 UPJ-1P – Attn. Pol. Loudspeakers
      • 2 UPM-1P – Attn. Pol. Loudspeakers  (w/ MYA-UPM Yokes on 8’ tail-down pipes)
      • 1 USW-1P – Attn. Pol. Subwoofers
Streaming Equipment*
    • 65” flat screen monitor
    • Micro PC with Windows
    • Wireless keyboard and mouse
    • Wide angle camera on tripod
    • Small Bluetooth speaker
    • Wireless headset microphone
    • Wired SM58 microphone (or equivalent)
    • One wall of 8’ high mirrors
    • Permanently mounted black velour curtain on a track to cover mirrors
    • One wall of windows partly covered with UV film (???)
    • Permanently mounted white curtains to cover windows
    • Metal halide bulb lights
    • Full theatrical reparatory light plot for performances and showings (see the Duffy Performance Rentals page)
    • West Wall (windows): 8 outlets to one 20A circuit
    • East Wall (mirror): 6 outlets to one 20A circuit.
    • Portable barres available
    • Adjacent lobby (12′ x 40′, 480 sq. ft) with a small balcony
    • Adjacent bathrooms
    • Climate/temperature control
    • 2 complimentary folding chairs
    • Video playback system
    • Column free
    • First Aid Kit
Dance Center Amenities
*Additional fees apply for use of streaming equipment

This video shows the conversion of the James and Martha Duffy Performance Space from a studio to a 166-seat proscenium theater.

Ideal for:

  • Performances
  • Rehearsals
  • Conferences + Meetings
  • Events
  • Photo + Film Shoots

With support from the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, we recently replaced the floors in three of the Dance Center’s original studios—the James and Martha Duffy Performance Space and the Robert W. Cole and Independence Community Foundation Studios. The new flooring (Harlequin Cascade™) was chosen because it is well-suited to a range of dance styles, including percussive forms like tap. The floors are seamless and have a high-quality matte finish which provides just the right amount of grip.

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