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Institutional Giving

Institutional Giving

The Mark Morris Dance Group is proud to celebrate Mark Morris' artistic achievements, his recognition as the most musical choreographer of our time, and the Mark Morris Dance Center's development into a major cultural institution. The generosity of institutional donors has played a crucial role in MMDG’s success throughout its history and continues to be extremely important to the financial health of the Dance Group. The following are giving opportunities for institutions interested in contributing to the Mark Morris Dance Group.

Mark Morris Dance Group (Discalced, Inc.) is a non-profit organization. For more information contact Michelle Amador, Director of Development, by telephone at 718.624.8400 or by e-mail at

MMDG New Works Fund

Mark Morris is arguably one of the most prolific choreographers working today. He adds an average of two new works a year to his canon of over 140 works. In addition, works from the Mark Morris Dance Group's diverse repertory are restaged each year.

Institutions may designate a gift toward the creation of a world premiere or the revival of a work by Mark Morris. Contributions help to underwrite the cost of dancers' and musicians' salaries during the creation period, the acquisition of music rights, the design and production or refurbishing of costumes, sets and lighting, and other elements involved in the creation or restaging process.

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MMDG Live Music Fund

Live music is integral to all of Mark Morris's work. In 1996, Mr. Morris made a commitment to feature live music in all MMDG performances. Morris's eclectic musical taste has attracted devotees of classical and contemporary music to dance, and introduced dance audiences to a range of scores from Lou Harrison to Romanian folk song. The MMDG Music Ensemble, formed in 1996, performs with the Dance Group at home and on tour and has become integral to the company's creative life.

Institutions may designate a gift toward MMDG's use of live music. Contributions help to underwrite the cost of the MMDG Music Ensemble's salaries during rehearsals and performances, as well as the hiring of guest musicians, including soloists, choruses and orchestras.

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MMDG Touring Fund

Appearances in the world's most prestigious performance venues for dance and music have helped earn the Mark Morris Dance Group its international reputation as one of the leading dance companies of our time. Touring plays a pivotal role in MMDG's success, helping us to sustain our high profile and continually build audiences. The Dance Group tours half the year with annual engagements in cities throughout the United States. In addition, MMDG is invited to perform in cities throughout the world, most recently including Moscow, London, and Macau.

Institutions may designate a gift toward MMDG's touring activities. Contributions help to underwrite the cost of travel and lodging for the Mark Morris Dance Group and the MMDG Music Ensemble while on tour.

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MMDG Education and Community Outreach Fund

Fostering tomorrow's dancers and dance audiences is an integral part of the Mark Morris Dance Group's mission. The Mark Morris Dance Group's education and community programs bring dance and music into the lives of young children, seniors and people with disabilities. The Mark Morris Dance, Music, and Literacy Project introduces students in Brooklyn public schools to Mark Morris's L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato. Working with MMDG teaching artists, students are guided through the poems, music, and choreography which make up the work; learn to dance sections of the piece; and visit the Dance Center for a private performance with the Dance Group. MMDG's Dance for PD® program serves as a national model and offers weekly dance workshops for people with Parkinson's disease and their caregivers. The workshops are led by MMDG dancers and musicians who draw on many forms of dance, and employ mental strategies that dancers use to learn movements. In addition, Mark Morris, the dancers, and musicians all participate in outreach activities while on tour in the United States and abroad.

Institutions may designate a gift toward MMDG's education and community outreach programs. Contributions help to underwrite the cost of teaching artists and musicians, study guides, performance tickets for participants and costs associated with the evaluation process.

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Mark Morris Dance Center

Built in 2001, the Mark Morris Dance Center was the first dance facility built by a single choreographer company in the United States. Since opening its doors, the Center has become a major cultural resource for Brooklyn and for hundreds of dance companies and solo artists. In addition to being home to MMDG, the Center also houses a school for children and adults, offers rehearsal space to dance professionals at deeply subsidized rates, and serves as a meeting place for community groups. The main studio converts into a 140-seat theater, hosts performances by local arts organizations and serves as an intimate showcase for the Dance Group.

Institutions may make capital gifts for the further improvement of the Dance Center and may also designate gifts to support the general operations and maintenance of the Center. There are permanent naming opportunities available throughout the Dance Center.

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